How To Attract Beautiful Women

Women are one of the hardest things in the world to understand at times it feels like you cannot live with them but you also cannot live without them.

I do not know about you but as for me I suck when it comes to women, I look around and I see so many different girls some so beautiful I would do anything to get them, but still I cannot seem to be able to
attract beautiful women

I do not if you have a noticed a certain trend developing of recent most of the beautiful girls if I might call them that tend to go out with ugly guys I do not why? I am not exactly beautiful myself but I know I am more attractive than some of these guys.

Are you like me?

trying to get the girl to like you, trying to attract beautiful women or you do not even know how to approach a woman at all ( I have a feeling this is where I suck), trying to seduce her or anything at all

Lets think together here

How are ugly guys able to
attract beautiful women? what do they do and why does it work out of desperation and lack of success I spoke to one of this ugly guys who seems to be able to make things happen in the woman department he bragged he spoke with so much confidence, he even went as far as saying He knows how to attract beautiful women so much that he has one for everyday of the week, if you notice most of this playboys tend to talk like this

How does he do it?

Believe me this guy is no way attractive thats the painful part, he does not have money in fact I have a feeling he is just using this beautiful girls to make a living but yet he can go out and attract any woman he likes. So when I asked him how does he do it, he came up with this piece

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